Tuesday, August 05, 2014

the subject was teleology

the other day nick and i were talking about endings.  like when do you know you are at the end of your life.  i said, when we are born, as we grow, we are also going toward death.  i said, if i live a normal lifespan i am then right now in the middle of my life.  nick said, but you never know if you are in the middle or at the end.  i said, yes, we are always in the variable present.  if i die now then i am at the end of my life.  we shall never know.

take for example the moron in the black BMW [i don't know really what kind of car it was but for the sake of argument let's call it a black BMW] who cut me off in the intersection this morning.  i was in the crosswalk with a greenlight and a green walk sign when this guy makes a quick left turn and whooshes past me by a foot or so between us.  i was close enough to kick his car.  he saw me.  he looked at me with a shit-eating grin as i grumbled, fucking idiot, and raised my arms in a WTF gesture.  if this proto-NASCAR driver slowed down just a bit or if i was walking just a few paces faster. . .well, you know the answer. 

it would've been bad.  i, without being melodramatic about it, would have been smooshed.  telos indeed.  we never know at what time and date our end might be.  nick has adopted YOLO, as i've written about already.  YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.  as far as i know.  i'll add to that carpefuckingdiem.  seize the fucking day.  as rimbaud said, we have faith in the poison.  we know how to give ourselves everyday.  the subject is life.  nothing less than that.

* * *

the weather is subtropical.  it rained a bit this morning.  more like a spritz.  lovely just the same.  the halloween catalogs are arriving in the mail.  fall, yep, is a few weeks away.  the break from the hot hot heat and harbingers of ghouls, goblins, jack o'lanterns, candy corn, witches and black cats just puts a spring in my step. 

* * *

i added michael dennis' poetry review blog to my links.  not only is dennis an excellent poet he is an equally excellent book reviewer.  you will find it in the links to the right.

and might i add the australian journal cordite went live earlier this month with their collaboration issue.  among the many excellent writers, including works by john bloomberg-rissman and anne gorrick, thurston moore and john kinsella, is a piece by lars palm and me.  i am delighted to be in the company of so many wonderful poets.



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