Tuesday, December 30, 2014

how to sum up the year 2014.  not sure if i can.  besides my memory is bad.  days, weeks, months and years roll into each other so that i can't remember if what happened happened this year or last year or 10 years ago.  besides, what is in a number.  the year would be just the same, i gather, if we called it 1000014, right.  for me, the years roll by.  i look into the mirror and see me aging, my friends aging, the people i love aging.  we all can't help it for everyone alive get older.  we age anyway in whatever we choose to call this era.  we age still.  for me the years roll by yet it is always the present.  the right now.  and when right now passes it shall become the next right now.  and when i think about the past i do that right now.  and when i make plans for the future i do that right now too.

still, i saw my two favorite bands in the world perform, social distortion and slowdive.  the latter band was astonishingly brilliant and loud.  the former band, led by mike ness on vocals and lead guitar, is simply a classic sound.  as i've said before i want chiseled on my tombstone these words:  HERE LIES THE POET RICHARD LOPEZ / FATHER OF NICHOLAS / LOVING HUSBAND OF ANNA / HE LIVED AS HE LOVED / HIS FAVORITE BAND WAS SOCIAL DISTORTION.

fuckin' a!

i don't make new year's resolutions.  except maybe to drink more, eat more and take up smoking.  otherwise, i'll continue keeping going.  writing/reading/living/loving.   

happy new year!


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