Sunday, February 22, 2015

about a half hour ago nick and i went outside to watch the international space station pass overhead.  we waited for 10 minutes.  i read on a NASA website that the ISS will fly over my neck of the woods around 6:51 pm.  waiting.  waiting.  waiting.  it is a very clear sky.  i described the ISS to nick.  it will look like a solid spot of light moving thru the sky.  very fast.  it will look like a satellite in the sky.  it will not blink like a star.  then i see thru the branches of a tree a solid spot of white light NW.  i say to nick, there; i think it is coming our way.  a few more seconds pass.  then yes; here comes the ISS.  we watch.  it flies directly over our house.  due south.  we watch until it disappears under the horizon.  we come inside to eat leftover pizza.  delicious leftover pizza.  cold pizza is one of the great pleasures of the world.  the oscar telecast is on the TV.  anna and i watch the in memoriam portion.  that portion just ended.  i have no interest in the rest of the oscars.  i am half watching a documentary on TV about the architecture, the past, present and future, of cities based on the work of a photographer's time-lapse photos.  i am thinking of getting a mobile phone. 


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