Thursday, March 26, 2015

from notes toward an alt-lyric adagia

a difference between a poet and a person who doesn't write poetry is the poet thinks about death, a lot

reading poetry is writing and writing poetry is reading

you can measure a poet's wealth by her enthusiasm and love for her art

movies are a form of poetry

for some poetry is composed while walking

success is built upon the many failures of poetry

thank god auden claimed poetry makes nothing happen now we can simply get on with the work of reading writing living and loving

if poetry makes nothing happen poetry can still make a heart skip a beat

poetry is a form of sex

the poet composes on the tongue sometimes on the computer sometimes on paper

the world is not made of language and adam did not name the animals nevertheless it seems to the poet the world is an infinite text

speech in poetry is the same as speech in speech

the universe was not constructed for the poet and yet the poet sings the universe into creation

poetry is as common as a ripe apple falling from the tree

it doesn't matter if the poem came into being on the first draft or 100 drafts the poem does not care

poetry is a form of prayer even if there is no god

writing poetry is a form of meditation

the poet writes theories of poetry and yet poetry does not care

for some poets the writing is visual

poetry is a happiness for the poet

the poet if pressed will confess that she knows what she wants to be when she grows up

there is not one identity for the poet there are multitudes


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