Wednesday, May 06, 2015

while jeepers creepers 2 [2003] plays on TV [i like this movie, i can't tell you why, there is no rational reason for my affection for this film, i just like it, period, it is like a really bad movie i would see at the drive-in when i was a wee lad] i am catching up on a few emails.  i have a couple of books by canadian poet michael dennis beside me.   and i have clicked over to the bill knott archive.

you will recall knott passed away last year.  he is a presence i greatly miss, his PDF books and his blogs.  i am grateful to the person who archived and collected knott's blogs and posted them at his archive.  i thought they were lost forever.  in addition you will find the poet's PDF books and his artwork.  a treasure indeed.

i remember discovering bill knott in, i think, 1995.  his book the quicken tree was in the poetry section of that great record and book store, tower [speaking of tower records and tower books there is a new documentary on its rise and fall directed by colin hanks, all things must pass [2015].  damn i miss tower!].  knott confused me and made me laugh.  it was until a couple of years later that i really read knott in depth when i found his books, including his st. geraud book, at the sac state library.

in the 2000s knott started keeping blogs.  they would disappear as fast as they would appear.  one blog that was deleted by the poet -- thankfully it is archived -- knott waxed like a 21st century shelly about the beauty and talent of actress yancy butler, who starred in the short-lived TV fantasy witchblade [2001 - 2002].  genius writing.

i am trying to multitask, watch the film and write.  can't do both.  the creeper is about to swoop on the surviving three teens.  yeah, i know how it ends.  but i got to see it anyway.  right?!  gotta go!


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