Sunday, August 30, 2015

a few pics from our trip

this is our third trip to cayucos, the beach town time forgot, rounding out seven days at the end of summer in the surf, on the sand, and doing our level best doing nothing at all.

we just returned a couple hrs ago and i am windswept, sunburnt and sea legged.  nick is a fearless swimmer of the waves and some of those waves were huge.  by our standards, at least.  but nick, anna and i logged many hours in the waves and i still feel like a t-shirt on the rinse cycle.

last night was a gorgeous one.  line of fog right on the horizon.  the sea blue&green [i saw the sea as green hued while everyone else more sensibly and most likely accurately saw the color of the ocean as a brilliant sparkling blue].  whales sounding in the middle distance [we could see the whales breach, blow holes, and tail fins sticking out of the water].  we sat on the deck watching the sun dip below the horizon.  then we sat until it was too dark to see much of anything.  the wind blew cool and strong.  the surf crashed insistent the ocean's presence.

below is the view thru the front window of our beach house to the back sliding glass door to the beach.

and here is a pic from last night's sunset.

below nick and i watch the waves sitting on our beach house deck after being in the drink.

every beach town has at least one of these retail establishments.  this store is located in nearby morro bay.

finally we had to come home.  below is the moon shining over the sea just before dawn this morning.

there was even a shark attack in morro bay yesterday.  a surfer had her board bitten by a shark.  it was a lovely day.  lots of people in the surf including scores of para-surfers who use a kind of kite to surf the sea.  anna found a flyer tacked to the nearby beach access warning swimmers of a confirmed shark sighting.  we didn't see the flyer until after we got out of the waves.  but today anna said local news reported the beaches closed for 72 hours. 

below is the local news report and interview of the surfer.  i love the surfer's attitude.  she says the worst part of her experience that she didn't even get a wave to surf.


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