Wednesday, November 11, 2015


some days it is necessary to your survival
to sit simply and gaze out the window

think about luck
how you read today that this universe is unstable

how nothing is stable
and if things were perfect there would be nothing at all

like when that finch hit the front window
down and dazed

perhaps dying
and when you left to run an errand

and your wife and son put the bird
in a box

brought it in to the house
to warm up and recover

if it could
you expected to find its corpse

because that is how the universe works
but no the bird leapt against the cardboard

wanting out
side and your son obliged

the finch flew out to its life
while you thanked life itself

instability allows for life
to create a poetics of yes

and no
the whole lot of it

cooperation not

you want to write
in a few hazy lines

you want to hug
it all


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