Friday, October 30, 2015

all hallow's eve eve

a lovely night, and the end of a good much too brief week off work.  currently watching george a. romero's groundbreaking, brilliant night of the living dead [1968].  romero hits a note i think most apocalyptic movies miss, the media.  if some strange shit starts happening what would we do.  we would turn on our TVs, radios, and devices to connect to the 'net.  romero laces his zombie film with a lot of news reports.  the characters are getting their information from TV news.  that is authentic.  i think we would turn on our devices for information.  the panic would increase thru mediation.  first hand accounts and footage of the destruction would be broadcast on TV and we would watch with our mouths agape as we tried to register the surreality of the events.  we would describe those events as being just like a movie.  romero knew this part of our culture and wove them into his story.  i would love to see a zombie movie, an apocalyptic film, told by the screens of our contemporary media.  watching the collapse of society via your smart phone and/or TV amps the scary factor.  romero knew this and put a lot of TV news, and his characters watching TV news, in his masterpiece.


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i like it!


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