Monday, October 26, 2015

everyday is halloween

i am taking the week off work because this is une saison en enfer.  the high holiday.  besides everyone now and again needs empty time to chill, and bask in doing nothing.

but then doing nothing includes a few much needed chores around the house to prepare for winter.  i'm taking a break, catching up on blogs and reading emails, enjoying the fall weather.

took nick and a friend yesterday to the local park so they could play.  we established camp in front of the library, an old brick building located center of mckinley park.  there was a bible study group inside.  one of the members of the group came outside and struck up a conversation as i watched nick and pal run around.

i asked the man what his group was studying.  revelations, he said.  okay, i replied.  i asked if he believed we are in end-times.

yes, he said.

how do you know?

because it is written in the bible, he replied.  look around at all the bad stuff happening in the world.  these are signs that jesus is about to return.  when the trumpet blares across the sky the world will be engulfed in fire.  the saved will rise to heaven and the damned will be cast to hell.


yep, he continued.  i don't know when it will happen.  only god knows that.  i believe it will happen in my lifetime.

we shook hands and exchanged names.  he went back inside.

the early evening was lovely.  warm day giving way to a cool clear night.  i looked up to the sky.  saw a couple of stars.  listened to the thick city traffic.  then called the boys so we could get home.



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