Saturday, October 10, 2015

everyday is halloween

movies that scared the pee out of me: prince of darkness [1987]

i'm a huge fan of filmmaker john carpenter.  he's made some killer flicks that expand the range of exploitation and horror films.  but this one, i dunno.  not carpenter's greatest effort.  it's about a group of people who get these transmissions via their dreams that the father of satan, anti-god, is about to be let loose from the basement of a church in downtown l.a.  goofy, yeah.  the transmissions take the form of what is later called 'found footage'.  these transmissions are scary.  i recall watching this flick that features shock rocker alice cooper as a homeless man on videotape way back when.  ho-hum.  then we have these bits of film where a group is broadcasting from the future, but after the world has been set fire by anti-god.  the group is expected to make sense of these messages and act before evil can be released upon the world.  see for yourself.  but before you watch this clip do yourself a favor.  put on headphones, get a beer or glass of wine, turn down the lights, and prepare for a spooky experience.

i can't embed this clip so click here to watch.



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