Thursday, October 01, 2015

everyday is halloween

full tilt into the scary season.  alors!  i try to live in the present and take each day as a gift but man i am like a kid waiting for christmas when it comes to the ancient traditions of samhain  and here it is, fall, and halloween a few weeks away.  now if i could only get my peeps at MIT to work on a calendar that can expand the month of october and collapse the rest of the 11 months.

but no.  time neither stops nor marches along.  time moves on its own speed that is, for this old punk rocker, going faster each passing year.  still, the present now is october.  and halloween is my favorite holiday.  i shall drink hard the nectar of autumn and savor each drop.

you have seen i have already started my everyday is halloween series with a jump scare scene from a recent horror film and a anti-memoir of a sub-genre i shall call movies that scared the pee out of me detailing movies that frightened me into a near catatonic state.   i'll continue my series to halloween.

in the meantime, nick, anna and i plan on hitting the local haunted house this weekend.  very exciting for this will be nick's first time at a fright house.

last week anna, nick, me, b. and j. took our laggard selves to dixon where we walked in the corn maze at cool patch pumpkins.  i think this is our third or fourth year navigating the world record holding corn maze.  last year was bananas.  we were lost in the maze for about four hours.  we were the last to step out of the corn that night.  crazy.

this year the maze is a little smaller, about 40 plus acres.  the designers also created two routes, advanced and not so advanced.  we chose the not so advanced.  we hit the maze at dusk.  so we can do half the maze in daylight and half at night.  night is better.  a little spookier.  we were well equipped with water, energy bars and flashlights.  but we sure as hell didn't want to get stuck in the maze for half the night. 

b. is a great map reader.  he got us thru the maze in an hour and a quarter.  just the right amount of time.  it was a lovely evening.  the supermoon was set for sunday.  but this was saturday night.  the moon was huge.  the sky was cloudy and the moon peeked out to create the perfect vision of halloween delight.

then suddenly it was over and time to drive home.  that is just the way it is.  just like life.



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