Sunday, September 06, 2015


it was crowded on the corner of 24th and j st on a hot late summer thursday evening i noticed most if not all of the people were connected to someone or something via their mobile devices and i mean it seemed as if humanity ditched physical space for cyber space but still there were scores of young and older couples and singles outside enjoying their evening out cafe restaurant or beer garden while i wait for the light to change so i can cross the street i see a homeless man splayed on the grassy median and a man standing over him punching his finger to his mobile phone i wondered if the homeless man was dead or hurt and the man standing over him was calling 911 but as i watched the man turn his back to the homeless man spread on his back and put his phone to his ear in the meantime the light changed i crossed the street watching the homeless man stretched out before us and see him with earbuds attached to his mobile device punching his finger to his screen


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