Tuesday, September 01, 2015

last week of summer

but when something ends another thing begins.  so it is the end of summer but it is also the beginning of autumn.  i love hot weather, suntans, and swimming as much as the next california boy but i am a creature of fall, short days, long night, cool weather.  i had my first slice of pumpkin pie tonight and, to quote a poem by james wright, i am in love.

nick goes back to school this week.  he's had a great summer filled with adventures.  we'll round out the sweating season this labor day weekend at the pool.

after this weekend the season will be, for me, early fall.  a time of pumpkin patches, falling leaves, shorter days, and halloween thrills.

would it be weird for a man in his late 40s so in love with halloween?  would it were!  i think it would be more odd not to love and be in love with the world and for me halloween is part of the world i love so dearly.

finally i raise a glass to the memories of filmmaker wes craven and neurologist and writer oliver sacks.  two large souls with distinct bodies of work who left this world a bit more livable and lovable for their being in it.


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