Saturday, September 12, 2015

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I have, perhaps, three absolutes about sexual expression.  The first, the most obvious and infinitely arguable one, is that we should avoid harming each other whenever possible.  Second is my belief in the importance of self-determination -- the right of every mature individual to make decisions for herself, for himself.  Last is my unquenchable belief (in spite of sometimes quaking neuroses and plenty of evidence to the contrary) in the final goodness of humans -- of human life, the human journey, and the human body.

[. . .]

Sex can help us to like ourselves and find a generosity of of spirit, open ourselves to the world and simply be alive.  We forget that sacred, respectful sex may not look like heterosexual monogamy, and we forget that human beings are sexual every moment of their lives.

-- sallie tisdale [talk dirty to me: an intimate philosophy of sex (doubleday; 1994)]


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