Thursday, September 24, 2015

everyday is halloween

ah!  the jump scare.  that favorite technique in horror films where the picture is framed in such a way that one additional element, usually arriving in the frame at the speed of light, makes us jump out of our seats.  jumps scares seem like they are easy to do.  they are not.  plenty of scare films attempt the jump scare only to flop it in failure.

well, below is an example of a damn good jump scare.  it comes from the 2012 horror movie sinister starring ethan hawke as a true crime novelist at work on a new project.  only the project isn't content to rest on the pages of a book but would rather torment our hapless hero and his family.  the movie is so-so scary but it has gotten a lot of attention here at casa de bronson/lopez because it is the scariest movie nick was brave to watch thus far.

some context.  hawke's character is tormented by a cache of super 8 films.  each reel filmed the gruesome murders of a family.  these films are what are truly frightening of this movie.  here the director has done his homework and created a jump scare that works even on hardened hardcore horror fans.  the soundtrack and the images work in harmony.

watch this clip and be scared out of your britches.



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