Friday, October 09, 2015

everyday is halloween

you want proof of halloween everyday?  how about this christian group who predicted the world would end in fire last wednesdayevidently this group took the calculations made by another leader, harold camping, who said the world would end in 2011.  well, add 1600 days and the end of time would be 10/7/11.

i don't know what is scarier.  the end of days by fire from an angry god or our need to predict the end of time.  we are living in interesting times, brothers and sisters.  but then again when hasn't the times been interesting.  groups of all kinds have awaited the destruction of earth since we have been organized creatures.

plus our popular landscape is saturated with stories about the apocalypse.  why?  hard to give a firm explanation.  our epoch is changing.  change is scary.  we want things to stay as they are, or were, if only by the stories we tell ourselves.

the world didn't end on wednesday.  obviously.  and when the world ends there will be no one to record it.  as the character elijah, played by robert duval in the film the road [2009], said about being the last man on earth, you wouldn't know it,  you will be it.



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