Thursday, October 22, 2015

everyday is halloween

movies that scared the pee out of me: cannibal girls [1973]

ah memory is a fickle thing for i recall only a scene from this movie and that scene scared the pee out of me.  in fact, i crapped my pants.  i don't know who brought me to the sunrise drive-in theater to see this crazy freaking flick [i suspect it was a babysitter and her boyfriend], but i do remember that it was at the sunrise drive-in where i saw cannibal girls

but it was that scene, that one scene, that haunted my mind for decades.  i couldn't remember the name of this movie.  or who was in it.  just the tone of the flick and the scene where a hapless guy is laying on a bed and handcuffed to the brass headboard.  three women enter the room, spoon some gravy looking shit [i think it is blood] over his hairy torso [this being the 1970s the word 'manscaping' had yet to enter the lexicon, and practice] then bit into him.

when i saw that as a wee lad i curled into the fetal position and sucked my thumb for some kind of comfort.  i think the babysitter laughed her lungs out at my histrionics.  i swore, then and there, i would conquer my fears.  i also vowed never to sleep in a bed with a brass headboard.

still, fear is intransitive and sometimes recalcitrant.  you might master your fears but fear itself shall always be a part of life. 

anyway, genius of the internet i found that clip.




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