Wednesday, October 28, 2015

everyday is halloween

before poetry, before fire, before the invention of the wheel, i was a hardcore horror fiction nerd.  i started writing as a teen in slavish imitation of stephen king, peter straub et al.  i wanted to be the clive barker of california.  a little later came poetry via reading the poetic prose of ray bradbury.  it was only a little leap from bradbury to dylan thomas and arthur rimbaud.  how?  i wanted to see how poetry worked.  i wanted to become poetry so i started reading the shit out of it.  i haven't stopped since.

but there was still horror fiction.  i loved it.  i still do.  and i loved the garish cover art of horror paperbacks.  i would get a frisson stepping into the horror fiction aisle at local bookstores.  most of the stores are gone, as is for the most part a separate section dedicated to horror novels.  the gaudier the art the better.  sometimes the art was better than what was between the covers.  sometimes the art didn't give enough credence to the contents of its book and i'd be blown away by the words.

i discovered this blog dedicated in its love of printed horror fiction, too much horror fiction.  the name of blog is modest because in my view there cannot be too much horror fiction.



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