Thursday, December 03, 2015

watching reading jim mccrary

readers of this humble blog know how much the poet jim mccrary means to me as a friend and fellow practitioner of the art.  mccrary is one of my anti-teachers who has taught me fortitude, strength, and a fuck-yeah-diy-edness when a life in poetry means more than a career or honors of any fashion.  by his example i learned to do your work and do it because writing and reading poetry, for those who choose it, helps to create a fully lived life.

well, mccrary has been around a while and is no technophobe.  that is evidenced by the videos of him reading poetry that he has recently uploaded to youtube.  the videos date from the late '80s to early '90s to our present century.

behold the video below taken from a show called 'flying fish poetry show' which i think is jim, a friend and a video camera.  lucky for us it has been digitized and available now online.

to find more of jim's videos follow this link to mccrary's youtube profile.




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