Sunday, January 31, 2016

you can take the kid out of the drive-in/you can't take the drive-in out of the kid

i have been stalled in my writing for a few months

in the teeth of climate change & overpopulation and lack of resources i wonder how my poems can be equal to the task

i have an intro to a publishing project that is long overdue i'm sure the publisher and my co-editor two very good men are making voodoo dolls of me

i work at my job day in day out i like to think of myself as a 21st C cavafy but no i am a 21st C poet doofus

i wake in a good mood grateful to be alive and have nick and anna

i look into the near future & see holy shit

as i type it is cold and very windy a super kinda windy like a kind that i haven't seen in a while

i have a theme running thru my head it's a drive-in intermission song from the 1970s

i think of my friend the poet alex gildzen and how i'd love to sit with him on the couch and watch old 1940s movies

i have a fantasy to join a monastery shave my head and dedicate my life to meditation and silence

i am constantly amazed at the tenacity of life how it thrives everywhere

i would like another tattoo in the company of my fried the poet john bloomberg-rissman we both get inked with the same image

LOGOS is my game but the universe is silent its language is math

i don't write everyday but i write something all the time

my friend the late poet pearl stein selinsky sd the difference between a poet and a non-poet is the poet thinks of death all the time

i have my doubts about thinking of death all the time and say the difference between a poet and a non-poet is that the poet thinks of writing all the time

i like to think ikkyu and i may not have liked each other but would probably get each other

i don't think van gogh and i are on speaking terms

poetry is as natural as taking a shit & just as important for health

sometimes i can't get past myself & wonder who that fuck of an old man is staring at me in the mirror

whose Inglish is this



At 7:40 PM, Blogger John B-R said...

Nice, Richard, very nice. What image are you thinking of, and where would you put it?

At 10:26 PM, Blogger richard lopez said...

we have a print of a chinese painting hanging on our wall with a cat. the cat is so cool. i would like to get that cat inked on my chest or my arm.


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