Sunday, January 24, 2016

the x-files [reboot]

i haven't had my haircut for a few months.  it is getting longer, over my ears.  despite my age, and my grey, my hair is still rather thick.  i normally shellac my dome with product to manage the hairs on my scalp. when i do that i usually, along with my glasses, look like clark kent.  with my longer hair, at least for this weekend, i just let the motherfucker go, without any product.  anna likes it.  i don't know.  i am, i think, rocking the mad scientist look.

why so much shit about my hair.  cuz i'm vain, bitches!  or it could be because time changes us, and our attitudes.  despite this intro about my hair i am not so vain to worry about putting product in my hair to look like clark kent.  conversely, i was not a hardcore follower of chris carter's paranormal TV program  in the '90s.  i did watch a lot of it.  i love the spooky intro graphics and music by mark snow.   i just didn't dig the conspiracy theories espoused by agent fox mulder, played by david duchovny.

well, they are back, both mulder and dana scully, played by gillian anderson.  both have aged well.  but to get back to my hair in this opening paragraph mulder looks like he stepped off the set of CALIFORNICATION as fucked up novelist hank moody.  time, she don't let anyone stay the same.  mulder has this crazy goofy physical cool that is was absent on the original series.

what the fuck.  still, it was a delight to watch these two actors reunite under the familiar rubric of alien abduction and govt. conspiracies.  you want to know the worst conspiracy?  fucking televised football.  for i DVR'd tonight's episode titled 'my struggle'.  i was digging it.  mulder so looks and acts like hank moody that i half-expected duchovny's character to quaff a liter of whisky, snort a couple lines of coke, then bang a few ladies, then write a novella, before looking for UFOs.  but the football game ran ovetime.  i managed to get thru half the newly rebooted The X-Files.  goddam!

at any rate, the show looks great. fox and mulder pick up where we left off where the original program ended.  time changes us, and time looks after us, to quote a talking heads lyric.  and maybe, i'll let my hair grow to my shoulders or i will get it cut and put hair product in it.  the future is not a conspiracy.  it's a freaking mystery. 


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