Friday, January 15, 2016

let us now praise. . .

not just the death of david bowie to shock us but the actor alan rickman and the poet c.d. wright has passed away.  i loved wright's poetry.  i remember way back when there was yet another idiotic article about the death of poetry.  the author of that article asked the dumb question, is there anyone who reads poetry?  wright responded, i read poetry.  i am somebody. 

tonight we watched galaxy quest [1999] starring tim allen, sigourney weaver, tony shalhoub and alan rickman.  it's a hilarious send-up of sci-fi fandom, geekdom, and the sweetness of friendship.  rickman is a huge talent.  he is somebody, too.

as the poet said, and death thou shalt die.

raise a glass to life, motherfucker!


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