Monday, May 02, 2016

spring trance poetics

we were walking home my son & i
the street was packed with people
enjoying the warm spring night
when we spot a thing moving
on the concrete
like a branch pushed
by wind if there were wind
& then it stopped
a lizard with half its tail chewed off
silhouetted on concrete
by street light
the lizard was a thing
made half of city traffic
& half desert plateau
how it made it this far
was a wild guess
but when it scampered
for the restaurant door
& was stopped trapped in the corner
nick wanted to save it
somehow get it away from
the wildness of the street
back to the wildness of desert
when the waitress spotted us
she opened the door
may i help you
i pointed to the lizard
who took off like a bat out of hell
inside the restaurant
she gave a yelp of surprise
turned & went
the opposite way
now with the lizard deep inside
the eatery i opened the door
& loudly announced
the lizard just ran inside
for the joyous being of scamperers
& chewed off tails
nick & i bounced off
the spring night
silhouetted on concrete by street light


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