Sunday, July 31, 2016

damn!  it's too hot to relax.  i should be heading for bed.  instead i'm wide awake clicking thru the internet.  ever watch a TV show or movie about a writer and you find yourself looking in the background for books.  if you find no books you say, shit, that ain't a writer.  if you find stacks of books scattered in the house, office, car, etc. etc. you find yourself pausing the TV show or movie to see what kind of books.  yes, deep in our digital age, when i find myself using my kindle and laptop more and more, and streaming movies and TV shows, rather than going to the theater or getting DVDs, or even, gasp!, VHS tapes, i love books, their physical weight, their architecture, their smells, and yes, i still read, mostly, books and love them.  so i watched a couple things this weekend, streamed via the internet, about writers and saw their homes, office, cars, etc. etc., filled with books.  yes, i paused and tried to read the titles.  and that is one of the great pleasures of life, a house filled with books.


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