Thursday, July 28, 2016

knocked senseless by this heat.  way over triple digits.  makes the walks to and from work exhausting.  i'm reminded of that lyric from the song by modern english i melt with you except when i get home i melt into the couch.  i used to like the heat.  now, it's just fucking hot!

oh man, but let me point your browsers to this great review by billy mills on the collected poems of the much missed late bill griffiths.  believe me, both mills, as a reviewer and a poet, and griffiths, are worth your while as a reader and writer.

just finished watching the og night of the living dead [1968].  a harbinger of our times?  hmm. . .tho i think romero's talent as a filmmaker is nonpareil.  particularly the ending sequence when the film becomes a montage of gritty still photographs with a seriously spooky synth score.  that's when the movie looks like a documentary.

okay, i'm bushed.  it is still very very hot outside.  the cats are puddles.  and i want another beer.


At 12:08 AM, Blogger Billy Mills said...

Thank you, Richard.


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