Thursday, September 15, 2016

reading is a mental action and a physical action.  words printed on the page or screen is a physical manifestation of the cerebration of what words signify.  so in short language is both physical [indeed lexical presentations are often the subject of visual poets] and mental.  so i find it of no contradiction to greatly enjoying watching videos of my favorite poets.  indeed, i recall a book published about the poetry of james dickey [you remember dickey, don't you, he of the novel, and movie adaption, deliverance] that utilized audiotapes in its writing.  dickey loved the technology and pondered what we would make if we had videos of say keats or rimbaud.  well, now we do.  youtube is a wonderful platform for videos of my favorite writers.  i find myself watching many of these videos almost as often as i am reading their books.  below is a video of the 'generation of '68' polish poet ryzsard krynicki in the native habitat of the writer, a bookstore.  krynicki is a favorite poet of mine by the translations i've read of his work.  i don't know polish so i don't know what the narrator of this video is saying but i suspect the video is about both krynicki and the owner of the bookshop the poet is visiting.  i find it a very sweet video and i love looking at the face of krynicki.  here it is.


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