Thursday, December 01, 2016

i want to write a poem/essay/manifesto and title it A SURVIVOR GUIDE which would outline how to navigate these soon to be darkened waters but i don't know how or what my guide should say cuz like you i'm flummoxed, scared & confused by the mess we are in, climate change is the larger worry, we will not, can not, are not able, to do what is necessary to cope with a changing climate, & even if we wanted to make those changes, i fear we have passed a couple of critical tipping points, we are, in the words of a climate scientist writing recently in the guardian, 'fucked'

so i will have to take a leaf from my notebook of the damned & hold off on writing that survivor guide

i make a confession, i am an optimist by nature, by default even, i think our human being is good, even if we do & behave in manners that are evil, destructive

poetry is life

'being a poet is not writing a poem but finding a new way to live', sd paul le fleur

it is time to find new ways to live, brothers & sisters


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