Friday, February 17, 2017

the above is a map of the lost drive-in theaters located in the sacramento region.  the only one still open is the Sac 6 drive-in.  anna emailed me this map tonight from a facebook page dedicated to sac memories.  as you know the drive-in hits my sweet spot, my special place, the happiest place on earth.  i found my love of outdoor movies by the movie-going habits of my parents who took me and my brothers to nearly all of these drive-in theaters on this map -- except for the Westlane because that specialized in XXX movies -- where we watched every genre of film.  indeed, my first chapbook, THE GRAPEVINE, long out of print, i don't think even i have a copy, boasts of a photo of the Sunrise drive-in on the cover long after it closed its doors but still in magnificent decrepitude.  the Sunrise has long since gone to dust and is now, well, i don't know what it is, but the drive-in has been bulldozed out of existence.  but as you can see from the map sac was rich in outdoor movies, another side of roadside paradise long away and gone.  


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