Monday, July 24, 2017

i haven't been inside a mcdonald's for 20 odd years [except for a few times in sverige where you can order a veggie burger]

i'm a lifelong vegetarian

but certainly as a kid growing up in the 1970s and 80s mcdonald's was most certainly part of my daily life

now then there is a mcdonald's a couple blocks from my house that has been stripped to its studs and is now in the process of being rebuilt

i wonder if it is being rebuilt for automation so i go online and type in 'mcdonald's automation' and find on youtube videos of self-ordering kiosks as well as vids of the production line

i find a segment by a political journalist who says we are in a paradigm shift because of  automation

i agree that we are in a paradigm shift

i don't know what else to say

i suspect the retooled mcdonald's near my house will be kitted out with the newest technologies

i think in the short term in regards to automation we will get great stuff

but what automation will do to job creation, in the long term, we are probably in a world of shit

 we are at the very beginning of a paradigm shift and the troubles we see around the world will exacerbate

what then?

i haven't the foggiest idea

neither do you, or our leaders

the robots -- AI --  are here, brothers and sisters

i shit you not

what now?


At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so, does this mean an AI can decide for itself
whether or not to be a vegetarian , or go to
mickey dee's or the BK?

would an AI want us for sex, as easily
as we may want a robot with sensors
between her legs?

our linear time has a way to answer such questions.


At 11:30 PM, Blogger richard lopez said...

then what is the answer? frankly, i'm not concerned about skynet rising and squishing us fragile humans. i worry about the applications of AI and machine learning usurping human labor. any job, or career, that requires repetitive tasks in clearly defined set of rules is fair game for automation. that description, i dare say, fits 80 plus percent of all jobs. there should be no doubt that all of us will be affected by automation in the coming decades. if we don't start talking about it now we can see our unemployment rate rise, potentially, somewhere up to 30%. i think that should tickle the short hairs of everyone. fold in climate change and we are about to launch a wild ride, fer sure.


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