Monday, September 11, 2017

i am wide awake tho i should be sleeping

i've been glued to the TV watching the live feeds of hurricane irma in florida

including one chap on the weather channel who managed to stay on his feet

in naples, fl in 130+ wind gusts earlier today

we've raised the world's temperature by 1 degree

how does art answer the anthropocene?

i don't know the answers[s]

i saw on twitter a satellite photo of hurricanes irma katia & jose today

i had a vivid dream last night

anna nick & i were in a caravan to get to another state

we had a sense of emergency but it hadn't reached life & death

but we sure as hell had to get out of dodge

i'm sure my dream was influenced by the TV

perhaps rimbaud was right

now is the time of the assasins


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