Monday, December 25, 2017

happy christmas!!!

i am not a believer in JC but i do think his philosophy of forgiveness, charity, love for everyone, the meek, the poor, the down&out, and his loathing of money and money-changers etc etc. is a pretty solid philosophy.  let there be peace on earth.  peace won't come but we can agitate for it and we can, in spite of our bloody natures, practice lovingkindness.

these are serious times but we can be un-serious too.  so here is a christmas movie that i grew up on, Santa Claus Conquers the Martians [1964], a deliriously goofy flick that simultaneously tests your patience and cranks up the awe when you consider how this film got the greenlight in the first place.  but hey!  this movie cost about a buck and a quarter and all it required is that no one laughed during production.  i'm sure that laughing their asses off on set was hard to do.

by that measure of keeping the art of laughter alive in these fucked up days i present this movie.  i wish you a very happy christmas.


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