Friday, February 16, 2018

nick & i drove past the sac 6 drive ins tonight & i wonder who would brave a california winter thursday night to see a movie under the stars

but sure as shit we saw lots of vehicles there

i love the drive ins these places are the happiest places on earth at least for this middle aged punk rocker

so i go to google to see what i can see for pics of my beloved sac 6 drive in theater

loads of pics inside the snack bar & out

how things have changed with mobile devices for you cannot stop people from whipping out their phones & snapping photos

but before mobile devices social media & broadband internet b. & i took our digital cameras to the sac 6 went inside the snack bar and started snapping away

we got a couple of pics before the manager stomped toward us & demanded we put our cameras away

we grew up at this drive in we protested we only want to preserve for posterity the beauty of its form before it is bulldozed out of our present era

our protestations were for nought the manager walked us to the door

the drive ins are still an endangered species but with the totality of mobile phones the managers could not police any pics taken

hence my recording of my delight in the abundance of photographs of the sac 6 drive ins

& my bemusement of what was once a digital novelty that was at the time shunned & ostracized 


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