Thursday, May 24, 2018

the alhambra theater early 1970s

anna sent me this pic she found on facebook tonight.  the alhambra theater was a magnificent playhouse of moorish design.  i don't remember going to see any movies here.  i think it might've been too fancy for my parents.  they, we -- okay, me --, preferred our movie going to drive-in theaters.  but then again, i was pretty young in the early 1970s.  i have to ask my dad if we ever saw any movies at the alhambra.  however, sac back in the 70s did not lack for drive-ins and cheap one screen movie houses.  still, the alhambra was special to the community.  so it is a double shame that this theater was torn down in the mid 70s to make way for a grocery store.  i shop at that grocery store nearly everyday.  the area, midtown and east sac, needed a grocery store.  that goes without saying, but we needed art too, and the alhambra was one of those ornate, deluxe houses that are now things of the past.  well, anna texted me this pic because she knew i'd get a kick out of it.  this is our neighborhood.  the large green building behind the theater is a water tower.  the bottom floor of that water tower used to be the area blood bank.  every month my father would go to this blood bank and donate a pint.  i'd often accompany him.  when i was a wee lad i thought that the tower contained blood.  it made sense to me at the time.  it looks like the photo was taken at the intersection of 30th and k streets.  the herfy's hamburger sign located on the left of the frame is a particular kick for me.  herfy's was a burger chain where my family used to eat.  they had promos for little children called HERFY'S WACKY BURGER BOXES that i recall with great fondness.  of course this area has changed.  herfy's has become a del taco.  blech!  the only thing that survives of the alhambra is a wall with a plaque of a poem by omar khayyam in the parking lot of safeway supermarket. 



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