Sunday, July 11, 2004

received this weekend Black Spring with poems by Jim McCrary, Chris Murray, Layne Russell, Steve Tills, Stephen Ellis, kari edwards, Catherine Daly, and Brent Bechtel. highly recomended with a hilarious photo on the back cover. get thee here to secure your copy today.

also, received a thick packet of poetics from Kansas poet Jim McCrary. quite an armfull in fact, which I read in one long sitting between parties (two B-day parties fell on the same Sat.). McCrary, who lives in Lawrence, which was the home of William Burroughs and the late, great film director Herk Harvey (his film, Carnival of Souls, is a masterpiece) frequently self-publishes his work. to say that I was mighty floored by these poems is an understatement. that McCrary decides to bypass mainstream, or otherstream, publishing by doing it himself puts in mind a DIY ethos, to this old punk rocker anyway, that is all too unfamiliar in po-biz. dig it, brothers and sisters. here is a poem from a postcard poem published by the Tansy Press:

Doc Holliday

The Last words
of Doc Holliday
as recorded were:
"This is funny."

No doubt about it
the man had a way
and metaphysics.


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