Monday, September 20, 2004

there is a snippet of song running in my head at the moment. I hadn't heard it in years until a couple of months ago the DJ at the Trash Film Orgy played it. I don't remember the title and only recall the chorus which ends with the word: vampires. the band is My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, and the reason the song is looped in my brainpan this evening, after taking a class at Kaiser to help manage my cholesterol levels (I had been eating like a freaking pig), I stopped at a bookstore and thumbed through the latest Pleiades which contained a couple of poems by a poet I've not read before: Jiri Cech.

so who is Jiri Cech? his poems, in english, have been buzzing in my ear since I got home. don't know if they are translations. so I google Cech and come across his website here where the poet claims to have fallen in love with his sister, and is also a businessman and vampire. hence, the song by My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult on a loop. disturbing shit, indeed. okay there has been, and are currently, business-person-poets but has there been any poet-vampires since Baudelaire? and I'm being generous with Baudelaire, cuz there had been reports of him seeing daylight once in a great while, and we all now, from books and movies, vampires just can't stand the sun. well there is now, I guess, but why stop at poet-vampires? why not werewolf-poets and poet-zombies. oh! imagine the ad campaign for a movie with the title Dawn of the Poet-Dead:

"When There is No More Room in Hell
The Poets will Walk the Earth."

goodness, I shiver just from that! but the poems by Cech, ushered into the journal by his Renfro Hix, are damn good. like to read more, and hopefully Cech sneaks out from his coffin once in a while, and pens more poems from his inkwell.


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