Saturday, February 19, 2005

a good interview of one of my favorite poets Michael Farrell here. would like to read a longer, fuller piece on Farrell. that he is one of the more formally inventive writers, taking off in directions suggested by Frank O'Hara and G. Stein for example, and that he is an incredibly prolific poet generates the living energy. some of his poems sample other lines from works of differing writers and song lyrics, a technique that reminds me of a good DJ. check out these poems here for examples of his samples, so to speak. his book ode ode (Salt 2002) is a rich array of fantastic writing. I got a frisson of excitement and recognition when rereading portions of Farrell's book a few weeks ago when I discovered that the poet sampled a few quotes from an oral biography of novelist/filmmaker Ed Wood, Jr. a book I'd been reading too. it was something I'd missed upon first reading, but I'd just been thumbing thru the Wood book again at the same time rereading Farrell and found the symmetry between him and me. so that I find Farrell's poems are a/buzz with so many connections between hi- and lo-cultures, that his lines hum with the electricity of a fully-lived life: the living(s) of a poet.