Wednesday, November 09, 2005

taken the day off from work. heading out the door in a couple of hrs to take the train to the bay area and meet my brother at his job. then we're going to the oakland arena to see u2. can't excuse the obscene amount of money i'd paid for the privilege to rock out to the supergroup, but never seen the band before, and i got the tickets last may. Anyhow, me and my bro have not hung out in together in ages. bono may have the ego triple the size of the arena but u2 does have some essential songs in my personal playlist.

by the by, henry rollins is on tour again. my buddy b. and i have made it an annual trip to see him doing his spoken word thing in sf for the past couple of years. tonight rollins performs here in sac. the first time in ages, i think. perhaps the size of time is small since i had seen black flag perform here in 1982 when i was a screaming, shaven head punk, at a former disco called the galactica 2000. the mirrored ball was still up, and henry was one pissed-off dude who rocked at such intensity that the very floor quaked. it was my 2nd punk show. and like a comet or asteroid ol' rollins has returned in his arc, older but still pissed-off.


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