Friday, May 18, 2007

just got back from the drive-ins with my old friend b. we saw the idiotic, but funny jamie kennedy vehicle kicking it old skool which ain't much but for the drive-in with 2 nearly 40-somethings eating burritos and tacos from jimboys under the stars, hearing the roar of traffic from highway 50 next door, all the while talking shit with each other, it just don't get much better than this.

the bathrooms have long rotted away to a sink and a couple of stalls, the snack bar is unspeakable, and the playground is a couple of swings and a cracked slide. but the place was full of families, children running, laughing and playing, the snack bar was filled with brave souls ready to put their lives on the line in pursuit of eating their way toward a good time. and it was just that, a good time. after the movie was over the wind kicked up icy and the next film looked boring, so we packed it up and bid the old theater adieu then drove home to our families.

where i sit typing this, feeling a bit too full and fat, but satiated and hearing the police copter circling overhead looking for who knows what.



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