Saturday, February 23, 2008

well, last week was real goofy. spent most of the time, beginning last saturday, with a cold. we all got it, and we all still have vestiges of it. instead of my usual late night writing/reading jags i'd end up falling asleep around 8:30 pm. a couple nights past i even fall asleep, more like passed out, reading the newest new yorker and waking up at 2:30 am not knowing where i was. reminded me a bit of transtromer's poem 'the name' where the speaker wakes up from a nap taken in the backseat of his car not knowing who, what or where he is. so he thrashes around in that void of hell for a few seconds until he remembers his name and the world settles back into that familiar solidity we think we possess.

and so a huge storm is just beginning as i type this. supposed to be huge as we were informed by local news. and i can see the rain coming down in thick sheets and the wind gaining strength and buffeting the house. it is a perfect night to stay home and read and watch movies. i'm rereading, this time very slowly, mccarthy's novel the road, enjoying mccarthy's spare biblical prose. i find much more religious imagery in it now then i did the first go-round. perhaps that's just how i read the book. at any rate, the prose is superb and the story of a man's and his son's work of survival in a dead and predatory world is just up my alley.

and in other news, i'm please to announce the pdf of jonathan hayes's and my chapbook hallucinating california is live. many thanks again to francois luong for hosting it on his servers.

now download and disseminate far and wide. go on now.


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