Tuesday, December 02, 2008

watching and waiting

now my voice has gone to the harvery fierstein register which is a good sign that my suffering is almost over. my colds run thus: sore throat, then headaches, sneezes, runny nose, listlessness, hardcore 3 1/2 pack cigarette habit hacking and concludes with my losing my voice for a couple of days. i know big deal, big deal. but it is to me when my normal voice is replaced with a smoky resonance, i'm fucking stoked.

just caught a showing of let the right one in. a review is forthcoming tomorrow. tonight i want to hit the hay a bit earlier. however, i'll end by saying that the movie is an astonishing work of art. it really is. everything you've read about it, and if trust a ratings systems called a tomatometer found at the meta-review movie site rotten tomatoes you'll find a rating of 98%, does not replace the pure pleasure of watching a complex film on the big screen. and if you're lucky enough to have this movie play in your city before it gets released on dvd then do so for this movie deserves to be seen on the big screen.


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