Monday, January 26, 2009

2 more dreams

friday night

anna & i were exploring a man-made lake that had flooded
many decades ago an old train depot
some of the tracks started on land went to the shore
then dipped out of sight below the water line
i followed one set to the edge of the water
i fell in the lake
that's when i noticed small earth-colored squids
just below the surface a few jumped at the air above
fascinated i got closer
that's when i noticed mother squid closing in
she was roughly 10 meters long
& swimming on the surface of the lake
i held my breath & got below
she was now above me & i began to panic
at such a big sight

sunday night

i don't know who i was with but there was a group of us exploring an abandoned factory & we were being hunted by some psycho who was taking members of the group out one by one just like a slasher flick

i don't know who or what the psycho was but with another member of the group we found a rusty steel drum & inside that drum was a phonograph with a record on it

we played the record which told us the story of the killer's origins but as we listened the phonograph needle destroyed the lp

& i realized we'd have only this one chance at the mystery


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