Monday, September 07, 2009

the creeping cruds

most halloween songs suck big donkey dicks. every halloween party music disc seem to have the same shit over and again. songs like bobby boris pickett's 'monster mash' are limp to say the least. there is good halloween music out there, much more than the usual line-up of the misfits. you have to look for it. i don't mean soundscapes and movie soundtracks but there are horror bands that surround us who are undead and kicking.

the creeping cruds hail from nashville, tn. their sound is derived from, i think, surf, country and rockabilly sleaze. they take their cues from horror films, as you can tell from the vid below, and do it with a southern twang. good shit to crank out during the scary season for with the creeping cruds this one goes to 11.



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