Tuesday, October 13, 2009

a real gullywasher

like totally this morning
the wind gusts up to 35 mph
made the rain go up rather
than down and sideways too
why walk to work when
the journey would've
been made easier by
jetski but walk i did
like an idiot soaking
wet and getting this
look from drivers
and their passengers
convinced that i
might've been from
mars or so like totally
unmoored from reality
that water no longer
was wet to me
i'm only happy when
it rains
and love the sound
of the wind batting
tree branches
as rain brattles
the roof and windows
the first rains of the
season but bummer
too that the stores
are now bringing
out their x-mas
wares which is
like totally
with those things
that go bump in
the night but a
big boo hoo
because like totally
poetry yes poetry
i find this uk indie
band that named
itself after
a poem by thom gunn
my sad captains
which for varied
reasons makes me
happy and happier
still because at
least one of their
tunes is catchy
as all hell
which i think
would make the
old poet ecstatic too


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