Thursday, November 26, 2009


many, many reasons to be thankful. today we need to remember our own special and particular reasons. it is good to be alive, writing and surrounded by family and friends. if you think that that might sound like cliches one must remember that often we take the fact of living for granted. i need to be reminded myself.

it is a lovely day. weather is gorgeous. about to take nicholas to the park while anna and her sister begin making the feast for today.

saw the film the road last night at the local arthouse. review forthcoming.

if you need a lesson on how to carve a turkey the short below, starring harvey korman and exploitation stalwart william kerwin, will teach you. sure the vid is kinda boring but it is also fascinating in a bizarre way.

here at casa del lopez/bronson we eschew the consumption of turkeys. so have a happy tofurkey day!


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