Saturday, August 21, 2010

don't be afraid of the dark [remake]

a few posts back i wrote a little anti-review of this 1970s made-for-tv movie. the movie lives in the shadowy recesses of my childhood memories, all with the delicious fear such horror fare created. i was nuts for this kind of shit. i still am. nights bent toward the blue light of our little black&white television terrified of the images, and thrilled too. these memories are fraught with nostalgia and the movies probably don't stand up with the terror we - or i - felt when watching them as adults.

which leads me toward a sort of ho-hum attitude toward the remake that is slated for a 2011 release. i'm not surprised. hollywood has been revisiting these old horror films since the beginning of this century. most of these newly minted old films suck. a few don't. seriously, do we need another remake of a crappy old film?

maybe. esp. when the solidly talented guillermo del toro is the producer. that is no guarantee that this film won't suck. katie holmes is set to star and the movie is tweaked a bit by having the kim darby role be replaced by a child. holmes is a pleasant enough actor, i guess.

i won't hold my breath. below is the teaser trailer.


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