Thursday, September 30, 2010

32 days to halloween

ah halloween. mood music, party music, the soundtracks. . .all candy to the ears. but what's been playing in casa del lopez/bronson lately, what's got me hooked is the horror-pop band from liverpool, zombina and the skeletones. actually, the've been on heavy rotation since i found the band on a sampler download offered by rue morgue magazine last spring. they utilize all sorts of sounds from doo-wop, ska, punk, rockabilly and surf with a songwriting that is simple, tight and laden with hooks. i think they've been making music since the late '90s which i think makes them either in their late 20s or early 30s. not sure, since they seem not to break character and i can't find much on the net about their real names. no matter, zombina sings in a kind of sexy, androgynous key. she's also possessed of tons of presence and charisma. the whole band is super-catchy and they do love their horror imagery in costumes and stage blood, and their songs run the gamut of crooning about vincent price, cryptozoological creatures such as the spring-heeled jack, and sci-fi hokums such as falling in love with a girl in hibernation on a space station. perfect for the scary season. i couldn't decide what vids to post here so i chose three of my favorites. don't worry, their songs are brief.

happy halloween!


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