Thursday, September 30, 2010

punks not dead[?]

maybe it's just because i feel old
or am old
or maybe simply being mold

but this evening
the walk home was
early fall and lovely

been a long fucking day
and the nerves were
jangled like the g string

on an abused fender guitar
but then there it was
three young punks

on the corner right in
front of me
they looked vintage

i thought i heard
one of them say

and last night
watched a bit of
fuel tv

a channel devoted
to extreme sport
like surfing and skateboarding

there was a piece about
the mosh pit
how to slamdance

and look cool
and i swear i was transported
to 1983

even the music
was classic
and i ask

from a middle-age ex-punk
who now looks
so square

like these young kids' father
i'm sure
i ask

what is new
what is old
how the hell

when did time


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