Friday, September 17, 2010

44 days to halloween

i confess, i admit it, i'm nuts for halloween. fall is my favorite time of year and the color scheme of orange&black gets my heart a'thumpin'. so i'm gonna do an occassional series counting down the days of halloween. this will include, obviously, movie reviews but also whatever else strikes my fancy, such as browsing the halloween aisles at target. consider it a travelogue for the scary set. whatever. this is the most wonderful time of the year.

let's begin with a halloween blog. yep, they exist. like once upon a time there was a magazine for any thing and any topic now there are blogs on just about anything you can think of. i don't know who is behind pumpkinrot but the blog is way cool and is a hit of halloween 365 days a year. the dude [i think it's a dude, i could be quite wrong, could be a dudette] posts the coolest pics of scarecrows and home haunts and music that runs the gamut from dark ambient electronica to halloween party music. even the lay-out of the blog is so redolent of fall that each click brings me closer to my happy place. okay that sounds goofy as all get-out. so what. i'm guilty. happy halloween.


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