Thursday, October 28, 2010

3 days to halloween

don't think i'm not counting the days down. still have the persistent cough and i've yet to get a full night's sleep because i'm doing some serious hacking. which is almost making me cranky. almost. the weather forecast for the holiday weekend is wet and cold. halloween is i think supposed to be dry. rain on halloween used to bum me out when i was a kid because it interfered with doing some hardcore trick'r'treating. no matter now. kids will be out in full force, nick certainly will.

wouldn't you know it but tv broadcasters had all month to show the halloween specials. instead they are showing classics and newer stuff this weekend, including it's the great pumpkin, charlie brown. i've set my dvr to kill and i'm really looking forward to the newest tv series on amc, the walking dead. the series is based on a graphic novel of the same name and is about, yep, you guessed it, zombies! debuts on halloween and blessed be technology where i can digitally record the show without bumping into serious candy-gathering time.

check the trailer.

happy halloween!


At 7:43 AM, Blogger Chef E said...

Wow, I am glad I was exploring Jim K's names on his blog- I am excited about this program, seems it was kept under wraps, well at least from me, lol, can you tell I do not watch much TV, but would for this...

At 12:17 AM, Blogger richard lopez said...

thanks, chef. just watched the premier episode. surprisingly visceral and bleak. also recorded the whole british 5 part mini-series, DEAD SET, broadcast on ifc. also about the zombie apocalypse but this one is even more bleak and just as visceral as THE WALKING DEAD. highly recommended.

At 3:05 PM, Blogger Chef E said...

Have you watched Being Human on BBC? I got into it in the beginning, but not much time for keeping up. I will check it out. We have not watched the DVR of the new one I saw here, but will soon.


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