Wednesday, December 22, 2010

tron: legacy [2010]

seriously. why. like a moth to flame? perhaps. i remember the original, now nearly thirty years old. the first tron vehicle had the distinction of being the very first computer animated film. it looks it. the first film appears as if it were structured thru an old ibm clone and one wrong keystroke would get ya 'syntax error'. remember that! well, who does?!

apparently the eggheads at disney lost their collective memories. why does this flick need the reboot, especially after nearly three decades? is it because the first pic is a cult item? naw, can't be, or can it. jeff bridges is back as kevin flynn the uber-programmer and designer of 'the grid' and stuck in the same for as long as the first film meets the second flick. come flynn's son, sam, the heir of encom, flynn senior's company, who gets sucked back into 'the grid' to rescue is pa and all the programs too, since information is supposed to be free. apparently flynn pere is way ahead of the fcc when it comes to the concept of net neutrality.

there is always a monkey in the works and that particular primate is clu, the program designed by the old man flynn, but who went rogue and now runs 'the grid' like a third world dictator. in comes flynn, sam i mean, with the aid of a half human/half program chick assayed by a vibrant young actor, olivia wilde. nearly everyone in this flick is gorgeous wearing skin-tight suits and asymmetrical hair-dos. what would you expect on 'the grid', 5:00 shadows and morning breath?

maybe. bridges does his best zen-like stance and channels his coen bros' dude persona. i liked him for it. still, i couldn't help thinking that if a human was stuck in a computer program for nearly thirty years what would he be eating, where would he get his books, how would he build his house? what is creepy about this movie is the fact that the filmmakers thought it wise to make a younger bridges cum clu via today's technology. it looks a little plastic and hence creepy. that's okay for clu as he's supposed to be a power-hungry s.o.b. but this flick begins with a prologue of a much younger bridges telling the young sam about 'the grid' and how it will change life forever.

you might now think that i hated this movie. i didn't. the moth in flame analogy relates to me. i couldn't help it. i took nicholas to see it on sunday because i wanted to see what the filmmakers done with the story. i'm a fan of the first film even if i acknowledge it as an imperfect flick. olivia wilde is hot in this movie. i like the elder bridges zen detachment too. i'm a sucker for zen detachment as it plays on the big screen. the action sequences are pretty cool and the score by daft punk is pretty rockin'. the filmmakers must've thought so too as there is a scene in a night club that prominently shows the electonica duo fully fleged in skin-tight threads and trade-mark helmets.

that's about it. the conclusion sets up another sequel and i imagine that if the powers-that-be at disney see to it there might be a franchise in the making. the whole of the flick is a lot of nothing. can't recall if the original movie was a disney pic [i just looked it up, it is]. many years have passed since the first tron movie to this one. should this become a franchise let's hope that it doesn't take half as long to make the next one.


At 9:17 AM, Blogger John B-R said...

I love bad movies. The stupider the better. You make me want to see this.

At 11:33 AM, Blogger John B-R said...

Oh, and check this out:

At 8:04 PM, Blogger Jim K. said...

The original had a creepy
fuzziness and sketchiness
that weirded me out. If this
one's sharper, I worry it might
lose it's muffled oddness.

At 7:25 AM, Anonymous Vaguely Quotable said...

You've definitely made me curious. I remember begging my mum to let me see this. I was 5. There were no computers around. I didn't get it, though I liked the bikes. Did your son understand it?

At 4:50 PM, Blogger richard lopez said...

not much to understand, ryan. he just thought the action sequences were cool. the bikes are even cooler in this pic. i remember the video game and grew up with the development of video games. nick only knows the post-digital world so arcades are outside his ken.

the movie's still fuzzy even if the images are sharper, jim. very little logic present in this one too. and the technology used to make jeff bridges look younger keeps this flick at a very creepy register.

john, totally enjoyable matinee fare. go if only for the action set pieces and the total hotness of its young stars.


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